Friday, November 9, 2012

Sinners Can't be Choosers

Not one for formal prayer. I believe mind you. I just converse with God a little simpler than most. And plenty loud when need be. I’m not begrudging those who pass through the doors of their respective church. That fits them. I have what fits me. But when what they hear under the rafters doesn’t follow them into the street, doesn’t do much good…does it?

Jessica hasn’t crossed that threshold in a long time, at least from where I sit. But in the last few months, it seems to have called to her. Not the church, mind you, but perhaps the strength of those who pray within. Oh some folks find a grand difference between that faith and this belief. But when you bow your head, kneel, or raise your hands for an answer, it’s all to a higher power. 

The creak of that door signaled her arrival. It signals some pretty interesting arrivals at times. I always pray for those visitors. Sometimes that can be mighty hard to do. But sinners can’t be choosers. Can make the collar pretty tight  though.

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