Friday, February 22, 2013

Faith Abandoned

The abandonment felt when she wrote those words one can’t imagine. Not at the fault of the unborn child’s father, but her faith. Rules of a faith that spoke love without limit. Yet, looked away from love in purest form. The life she carried, a gift of that love, she had held fast to. She had chosen to protect, no matter the cost. A precious life, her family and her truest love. All because of a church…that had abandoned her. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Taking it for A Spin

The kids still jump up on those red vinyl stools as if on a carnival ride. Simplest things can entertain a child.  

Doc and her would hit the door. It would be the first place she headed. And it seemed like the one closest to Hannah was her favorite. They would keep an eye on each other.  

Even as a child she was responsible to a fault. She wore it like a duty, her loyalty to Jonas. They had each other, a girl and her grandfather left to meet the world as one ornery duo. Taking the world, and that red stool, for a spin.