Monday, August 5, 2013

Watermelon, Old Glory...and Sheep

What do watermelon, Old Glory and sheep have in common? Simple, a parade! But not just any parade. No sir. We’re talking the Fair Parade. 

Watermelon, a late summer’s gift, an easy simple retreat from the Iowa sun. Dripping from chins as the parade passes, announcing the fair is ready for visitors. For young and old alike, table manners can wait. 

Old Glory commands the attention of all. Eyes snap, hats in hand, palms on chest or drawn to the forehead of those who have served.

Then there are the sheep. They follow whoever will lead. Sometimes the strongest, sometimes the loudest and sometimes directed by whatever nips at their heels. Sounds like a group of hens I know, and I don’t mean poultry.

Sirens blare! Welcome to Gracier and this year’s county fair!