Friday, November 16, 2012

In the Fury of the Flour

If heaven was a taste…if heaven had a smell…it would be Hannah’s rhubarb pie. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the taste of that pie. Saturday and Tuesday, the two days of the week when all can be set right with the world with one slice of pie from Hannah’s. Now if you’ve never had the experience of this local Gracier establishment’s pie, well let me explain.

Imagine a buttery crust, light as angel wings, followed by a shot of tartness just this side of shocking, and finally the sugary sweet calm that comes with just a hint of whip cream. Lord have mercy! 

Now don’t get me wrong, all her pies are worth waiting for. But in the case of the rhubarb, there’s something…I can’t put my finger on.  Perhaps it’s the tartness of that ornery old bird that is the secret ingredient. Keep that to yourself, I wouldn’t put it past her to hold back on my slice of heaven if she caught wind of my observation. 

Trust me, I've seen the fury of the flour.

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