Thursday, July 5, 2012


July 5, 2012
Welcome to Gracier! Haven’t heard of our small town…well… 

This all came about quite simply. People wanted to know more…some for the right reason, some because they’re just plain nosy. My task, or burden, is to keep things on the up and up. Perhaps share some wisdom, and more than anything, bring you to love, or at least enjoy Gracier as much as we the folks of this small town do. Why you’ll come to love or enjoy it is up to you.

If you are already familiar with our little community, you may find that little tidbit you’ve been looking for. New to Gracier? Well you can catch up simply by reading about our small town with big secrets. 

Through the seasons, through the secrets, in the midst of laughter and sadly some tears you’ll come to see…everyone is welcome in Gracier.

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