Friday, July 6, 2012

"Proverbial" Worm...or Sugar Donut

The sky couldn’t be much bluer.  And  the square, well it has a life of its own this morning.  Caldwell’s  Bakery couldn’t open soon enough for the kids on summer break. Bikes parked next to the shop announced the changing of the early morning guard as the usual morning flock alighted, beaten by the early birds who caught the “proverbial  worm”… or sugar donut.

It’s interesting to observe how interruption of habit can throw off a day. The Caldwell girl seems the only one who never misses a beat. Even when she took over the shop after her folks died in the accident. For a small little thing she’s tough as nails. Still can worry a person though. 

I think I need a cinnamon roll.

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