Friday, October 5, 2012

Peaceful, Serene, …Almost Untouched

The day they found him in the ravine it shattered the innocence of our town. We went to a place that no one dreamed. 

Whispers, accusations and the silence of the authorities did not help to quell the rumbling fear.

Shock turned to sadness when we woke to the news that Maggie had died. As if our little town needed another wound. Her baby survived and became the hope for Jonas and Ann. Salve to a raw hurt that would never quite heal. Truth be told that little one’s spirit carried many through some tough times. 

Kids play here now, people hike, some even bird watch. A veil of time pulled over this place, has now stirred with the wind of a tragic past. 

They say time heals all things…but a pain this deep sometimes goes within, festers, eats at the one who carries it. And, unknown to most, he carried the scars of more than one tragedy.

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